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Ambassadors of the Roofing Industry to the Younger Generation

As we all know, the roofing industry has major problems with attracting staff from the younger generation which we believe is partly because of how a trade is portrayed as a “last resort” in schools. In order to combat this problem and bridge the roofing industries skills gap, our Managing Director Luke partnered with Developing the Young Workforce to bring exposure to the career paths and money which can be made in the Roofing Industry.

"I was absolutely astounded by the engagement you received and felt the young people really connected with you due not only to the success that you have achieved thus far at such a young age, but in the way you presented your story and journey to them, the entrepreneurs challenge you set them was great and I thought that some of the ideas that came from it were first class and the pupils were very engaged and perhaps went further than I ever thought they would.

The fact that the winners of the competition were four young females is also a real boon and we fully intend to track these girls and involve them in as much as we can going forward, your offer of a work shadow also goes further beyond the call of duty and I am confident that the young people will again benefit greatly."

Nicholas Carroll – Programme Manager, Developing the Young Workforce - Glasgow

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